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PQ 120 PBY. Diesel og oljetransport pumpe 120L/min. PQ 120 BPY PQ 120 BP

Selvsugende rimelig tannhjulspumpe for diesel og olje transport og sirkulasjon. Laget i støpejern, med tilkobling til standard elektromotor 3fas montert på fundament. Kommer med omløpsventil. 

120L/min v 1500rpm. 6bar. 1 1/2" BSP innv tilkobling.


Kan også pumpe: Bitumen, glycose, glyserin, glykol, oljer, lim, diesel, nafta, såpe, sjampo, sminke, resiner, fett, maling, blekk, parafin, silikoner, voks og syrer.


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Pompe Morgan

Pompe Morgan

Founded in 1938, Pompe Morgan, has proved itself in the international market in the design and manufacture of gear pumps, precision metering pumps and displacement pumps. Its experience in this highly-specialised field has made the company a market leader. The company's pumps are installed world wide, operating for many years under arduous conditions, in any climate. The company's policy is to provide a product of simple and reliable design, manufactured to the highest standards in order to meet the many and varied requirements of its vast clientele. Their clients often require purpose-built pumps of great accuracy, often manufactured in special materials, for a variety of products of different viscosity, different flow-rates, pressures and temperatures. The company's highly-qualified design team is trained in the latest technology to ensure that the company remains innovative in design, accurate in production, and exacting in inspection.

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